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Grasslands Observatory:  The Moon

Lunar features are usually listed by their Latin names as taken from Rukl 2004.

Web cam images of Lunar craters were initially taken with a Philips ToUcam on the 24-inch telescope at f/10 (120 inches; 3048 mm) by jem.  The present Lunar web cam imaging is by tbh and jem.  It used the C-14 telescope at f/11 (154 inches; 3912 mm) and at f/22 (308 inches; 7823 mm) combined with a Philips ToUcam or with a Lumenera SKYnyx camera.  

See also the Grasslands Lunar 100


All images are oriented with the Lunar North at top and
the Lunar East to the right
Lunar Feature Lunar Age in days  Thumbnail Image Comments
Guericke 9.1 days Guericke is the crater near the bottom with an inner crater.  The two craters near the top are Bonpland and Parry.  Frau Mauro is partially seen at the very top of the image. 
Plinius   The crater near the center is Werner.  jem
Posidonius   The large crater is Posidonius, which lies in the Northeastern portion of the Moon.  jem
Stofler   The craters pictured are in the Southeastern portion of the Moon. The large crater near the top is Stofler. Farady is the large crater overlapping Stofler on its Southeastern edge.  jem
Timorcharis 9.1 days  
Werner   The crater near the center is Werner.  jem
Partial Lunar Eclipse 18-19 November 2021 Takahashi Epsilon 180 f/2.8 astrograph with Canon EOS Ra single shot color camera Partial Lunar Eclipse at Umbra maximum, 19 November 2021

Partial Lunar Eclipse near umbral maximum on the morning of November 19, 2021

Eight and ten-second exposures near umbral maximum
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