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Grasslands Observatory: Table of Northern Caldwell Objects


Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, one of Britain's most respected astronomers and one of the world's most renowned astronomical writers, compiled a list of 109 deep-sky objects for those who wish to go beyond the Messier Objects. This list was first published in the December 1995 issue of Sky & Telescope, and it has been supported and popularized by Sky & Telescope. These objects are both challenging and spectacular. They cover a wide range of sizes and magnitudes. Some are large, bright, and well known. Others are faint, small, and very difficult. It is impossible to image them with the same instrument and the same imaging parameters. Unlike the Messier Objects, they can not be observed only from the Northern Hemisphere. At least 30 of the objects require Southern skies for proper observation. Unlike most other observing lists, the Caldwell Objects are presented in order of declination from North to South. To learn more about the Caldwell Objects, the following books are highly recommended:

1. O'Meara SJ. The Caldwell Objects. Sky Publishing Corporation, 2002. 2. Ratledge D. Observing the Caldwell Objects. Springer, 2000.

The present color images of the Northern Caldwell Objects were taken at the Grasslands Observatory between 2002 and 2004. They required the use of many different instruments, including a 24-inch f/5 telescope, an 8-inch f/4 telescope, a 5-inch f/3.3 astrograph, and a Nikon D100 digital camera with telephoto lenses. CCD imaging, digital camera imaging, and film imaging techniques were all used.

tbh; Saturday February 04, 2006
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